Community Health Services


Diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive health services provided for individuals in a community. Examples include clinics, tobacco cessation, or mobile mammography vans.


Community health services can substantially impact the population health of a community and involve community members, researchers, and physicians working together to provide services that benefit the community.


Advice from authors on searching for information:

Access to self-reported researcher or administrative/in-house data may be required to locate documentation. For community-based and community-specific health services, check local and regional health departments. National and state health departments can also be resources for future community health service implementation. While surveillance tools like BRFSS, NIHS, etc. can demonstrate impact in community care, they do not directly address specific work that can lead to those impacts. 

Resources & Data

Organizations, repositories, websites, and other sources where you can find more information:



  • CDC Division of Community Health (DCH): Making Healthy Living Easier. This CDC website provides examples of community health partnerships, tips for health service implementation, and descriptions of successful programs across the nation.  
  • National Association of Community Health Centers. A national resource on the benefit of community health centers and services in the U.S. This website provides links to information and other resources pertaining to building community health centers through different mechanisms. Both policy passage and data collection are listed as important mechanisms to community health center/services development and resources are provided to aid in effective implementation and sustainability.

Data Limitations

Challenges you may encounter while searching for information:

May have some difficulty finding examples of community health service implementation for specific health services or services that are pertinent to selected communities.


Articles, books, and other publications in translational science using the indicator:

Case Studies

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