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Clinical & medical benefits (Tools & products)


Apparatus, instruments, and materials for diagnostic, surgical, therapeutic, and scientific procedures. Equipment and supplies include scientific instruments used for basic discovery and clinical applications.


Improvements in basic scientific instruments enhance the capacity of clinical researchers to make discoveries.  Improvements in medical equipment translate scientific advances into improved patient outcomes by reducing instrument fatigue, improving recovery times, and reducing risk of injury.


Advice from authors on searching for information:

This indicator may not be obvious to a researcher, as equipment and supplies may be designed, redesigned, or used in novel ways in support of a clinical and translational research project, but may not be the original project goal. Researcher interviews may be required to determine if new or redesigned equipment and supplies were used as a result of the project.

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Organizations, repositories, websites, and other sources where you can find more information:


  • Instrument Machine Shop. The Instrument Machine Shop offers design, fabrication, and repair services for parts, equipment, and scientific instruments. They can fabricate from sketches or formal blueprints and can fabricate original designs. The shop serves both Washington University and non-university customers.
  • Office of Technology Management at Washington University (OTM). The OTM offers a Technology Search feature to search for all available Washington University technologies. For more information, consult the office at your institution that manages technology transfer and commercialization.


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Government websites such as FDA and CDC do not have sections specifically devoted to equipment or supplies, but do address this indicator in a wide variety of contexts.


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