About the Model

The Translational Science Benefits Model is a framework designed to help public health and clinical scientists demonstrate the impact of their work in the real world.


Researchers from the Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences (ICTS) at the School of Medicine and the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis have created a framework that public health and clinical scientists can use to measure the impact of their work in a variety of settings.

The Translational Science Benefits Model is intended to provide benchmarks to assess the impact of research that applies scientific findings to enhance public health and well-being. A paper explaining the development of the framework was published September 8, 2017 in Clinical and Translational Science.

The model identifies benefits of clinical and translational research in four areas:


Clinical and Medical Benefits (Procedures & guidelines, Tools & products)

Community and Public Health Benefits (Health activities & products, Health care characteristics, Health promotion)

Economic Benefits (Commercial products, Financial savings & benefits)

Policy and Legislative Benefits (Advisory activities, Policies & legislation)

We encourage you to use the Translational Science Benefits Model in your work. When doing so, please include the following attribution:

Institute of Clinical & Translational Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis. Translational Science Benefits Model website. https://translationalsciencebenefits.wustl.edu. Published February 1, 2019. Accessed [insert date].

What is the TSBM?

Our short Translational Science: from research to impact animated video demonstrates the process of translational science and shows where the TSBM fits into the path of translating research for community impact. The second version includes captioning.

TSBM Video with captions

The Conceptual Model

This diagram provides another way of looking at the process of translational science. Resources flow into Scientific Activities, which lead to Scientific Outputs and Translational Science Outcomes, which lead to Translational Science Benefits. All steps are impacted by Scientific, Financial, Organizational, Political, and Social Environmental Influences.

Translational Science Benefits conceptual model

Translational Science Benefits