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Educational resources that lead to the improvement of health of individuals, populations, or communities. These often take the form of websites, toolkits, and print materials promoting health programs and activities that individuals themselves can do to improve their health, including resources for healthy recipes & active living.


Heath education resources serve as potential evidence of knowledge translation to patients and the community. They also serve as preventive strategies that go beyond scientific translation by informing patients and community members of health benefits and risks through audience-targeted delivery and execution.


Advice from authors on searching for information:

Health and patient education materials are authored by many groups, cover a variety of health topics, and are available in electronic and/or print format. Some states have catalogs or clearinghouses to search for education materials that span from youth and preventative to patient and elderly education materials. Organizations such as the American Medical Association, American School Health Association, the American Diabetes Association, and CDC have education materials on their websites. Self-reported or administrative data may be required to connect specific research findings to content noted in patient education materials. When searching publication databases such as PubMed and the National Library Medicine Catalog, search for “patient education handout” [Publication Type].

Resources & Data

Organizations, repositories, websites, and other sources where you can find more information:


  • Let’s Move STL. St. Louis Department of Health’s Health Promotion, Education, and Marketing program targeting problem prominent in St. Louis; obesity. It provides recipes, exercise suggestions, and support groups for St. Louis residents attempting to lose weight and families ensuring healthy habits for their children.
  • St. Louis Children’s Hospital. St. Louis Children’s Hospital provides a website with standard information on children’s growth and development, newsletters on the most current health practices and pediatric wellness, and links to social media with patient stories and events.


  • American School Health Association (ASHA). Provides links to institution websites and their health education resources from across the country. There are a variety of health topics available for parents about adolescent and child health.
  • Health People 2020 (Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion). has an Education and Community Based Programs initiative that includes health education dissemination at schools, worksites, health care facilities, and communities that spans all age groups.

Data Limitations

Challenges you may encounter while searching for information:

Access to self-reported researcher or administrative/in-house data may be required to locate documentation. Depending on the health topic (health education outside of educating youth), data may be more difficult to find.


Articles, books, and other publications in translational science using the indicator:

Case Studies

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