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Translational Science Benefits

The Translational Science Benefits Model is a framework designed to help public health and clinical scientists demonstrate the impact of their work in the real world. The model identifies 30 benefits of clinical and translational science in four domains: Clinical, Community, Economic, and Policy.

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News & Events

TSBM & KL2 scholars partner to develop four impact case studies

In spring 2024, the TSBM project team partnered with the KL2 Career Development Program at the Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences (ICTS) to develop…

Staff attend the ACTS conference in Las Vegas

Anna La Manna and Mia LaBrier from our team presented two posters at the recent Association for Clinical & Translational Science (ACTS) conference in Las…

St. Jude Global logo

TSBM goes global with new St. Jude project

We’re excited to announce a new partnership between the Center for Public Health Systems Science and St. Jude Global, whose mission is to improve the…

The Tools in Use

Explore our case studies that demonstrate the TSBM in action.

Using Teams and Virtual Care to Engage Veterans in Depression Treatment

By Implementation Research Institute (IRI)

Enhancing treatment for Veterans with depression through a collaborative care model with cognitive behavioral therapy.

Optimizing Treatments for Youths with Persistent and Severe Disruptive Behaviors

By Implementation Research Institute (IRI)

Introducing a tailored, co-designed intervention for youths with disruptive behaviors and callous-unemotional traits

Examples of foods that may be included in some of the weight loss diets described in this Case Study.

Comparing the Metabolic Effects of Different Weight Loss Diets

By ICTS and Washington University in St. Louis

Measuring key metabolic effects of three weight loss diets to improve individualized obesity treatment