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Translational Science Benefits

The Translational Science Benefits Model is a framework designed to help public health and clinical scientists demonstrate the impact of their work in the real world. The model identifies 30 benefits of clinical and translational science in four domains: Clinical, Community, Economic, and Policy.

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The Tools in Use

Explore our 23 case studies that demonstrate the TSBM in action.

Supporting Maternal Mental Health in Early Childhood Settings

By Implementation Research Institute (IRI)

Implementing the Mothers and Babies program in Baltimore City

Optimizing Provider Training in Eating Disorders (OPTED)

By Implementation Research Institute (IRI)

Increasing accessibility of eating disorder services for diverse youth

Focus on mature woman crouching down and talking with 6 year old boy wearing glasses and sitting with female classmate in front row.

Supporting Teacher Use of Positive Behavior Management Interventions in the Classroom

By Implementation Research Institute (IRI)

Developing implementation resources that support teachers and improve student well-being