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Policy & legislative benefits (Advisory activities)


Formal presentation of data or results to governmental, judicial or other regulatory bodies. Examples include written or oral testimony before a legislative committee or a criminal or civil court case.


Presentation of research data or results in expert testimony is evidence of potential influence on the policy-making process.


Advice from authors on searching for information:

Self-reported documentation of researchers’ testimony can be helpful as full-text search is not available for all governmental, judicial, or other regulatory bodies. Documents available from state legislative bodies vary widely.

Resources & Data

Organizations, repositories, websites, and other sources where you can find more information:



  • provides access to accurate, timely and complete legislative information. It is usually updated the morning after a session adjourns.
  • ProQuest Congressional is a database with a comprehensive collection of current and historic Congressional information. There is a search by witness name and witness affiliation that can help identify expert testimony to Congress.

Data Limitations

Challenges you may encounter while searching for information:

Access to self-reported researcher or administrative/in-house data may be required to locate documentation.


Articles, books, and other publications in translational science using the indicator:

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